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Biography of contemporary abstract painter Patrice de Santa Coloma


Patrice de Santa Coloma

His paintings are inspired by different scientific fields: biology and chemistry in particular. They are sometimes articulated in polyptychs, inspired by the fragmented visions of the kaleidoscope or stereoscopy, or even the microscope. The painter invents bridges between disciplines such as experimental music, science fiction, biology or computer science. He draws from it structures, graphic and chromatic rhythms, tries out colorimetric dissonances in a search for demanding harmonies.

patrice de Santa Coloma

In front of Sémaphores (2019). Photo credit Emmanuel Aragon

His exhibitions are also a pretext to revisit major works of South American literature and plastically redeploy his reading of the books that have marked him. The Yo También Pienso en Usted device is inspired by Ernesto Sábato’s novel The Tunnel. Through the installations of Interstices, he translates his impressions of the short story “The Occupied House” by Julio Cortázar. Or in the exhibition Los Enlaces it is again his vision of Tales of love, madness and death by the Uruguayan Horacio Quiroga that he puts in space.

More recently, a project in collaboration with researchers from the Functional Genomics Center of Bordeaux allows him to follow in the footsteps of Giotto while going further in his own pictorial research. During this work, he experimented with the egg tempera and lead white paint recipes used by the Italian master of the Trecento, of which he will deliver a very personal version of the Saint Francis altarpiece receiving the stigmata.

Patrice de Santa Coloma is a Franco-Argentinian painter born in 1967 in Buenos-Aires. After studying engineering in London, he worked for large groups in the field of computer security. At the age of 30, he left the business world and joined the ENSCI (L'École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle / Les Ateliers) where he obtained a Master of Arts in Interactive Multimedia. Lives and works in Bordeaux.