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Exhibition Jungle, Diplopia III

exhibitions 2021

Jungle, Diplopia III

The painting becomes a meeting place where little stories unfold.

During the first confinement I deliver an interpretation of the tale of Horacio Quiroga the Pillow of Feathers and I remember the blue of my alpargatas as well as the color of my own blood,
then from color to color I see some Oskar Fishinger animated films and the forest sequence from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs which I thought was his.
The Korda brothers through a game of prisms revived my memory and my childhood joy at the sight of this world in Technicolor and this lush jungle recreated from scratch in the studio.

I take colored pencils, the tool closest to childhood, and I link the forms between the torrents of colors and the changing elements that contrast on the gouache canopy of an emerald forest.

Paintings to discover from February 5 to September 12 at the Botanical Garden of Bordeaux