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Topologies within the framework of the contemporary art resort 13/13 in Allevard (38)

exhibitions 2016


The rigor of science. In this empire, the art of cartography was pushed to such perfection that the map of a single province occupied an entire city and the map of the Empire an entire province. Over time, these excessive Maps ceased to be satisfactory and the colleges of cartographers raised a Map of the Empire which had the format of the Empire and which coincided with it, point by point. Less passionate about the study of cartography, the following generations reflected that this dilated map was useless and, not without impiety, they abandoned it to the inclemency of the sun and the winters. In the deserts of the west, there remain very damaged ruins of the map; animals and beggars inhabit them. In the whole country, there is no longer any other trace of the geographical disciplines. (Suarez Miranda. Viajes de Varones Prudentes, Lib. IV, Cap. XIV, Lleida 1658).

Jorge Luis Borgès, Histoire de l’infamie, histoire de l’éternité

When the locality tells.

Immerse yourself in a place, imagine and design a new work. Clearing, reflecting, imagining transformations and strata. Sedimentary thoughts, accumulation of small and large stories. Lieudit, a community space for exchanges with troubled and shifting borders.

Territory factory

I am interested in borders, the division of the territory, its limits and the perimeter of the work within the exhibition space itself. How are the borders established? How do they evolve? Do they promote openness or do they lead to ostracization? How to design a piece that would give food for thought on these notions? How to reconnect humans to their territory and allow them to regain their place?

Toplogies is a proposal that is part of the process of making the territory, which reveals its mechanisms and which allows in a way to bring the outdoor landscape inside the exhibition space.

In-place installation

A proposal in 2 modules, one installed on the ground the other consisting of a drawing hung on a wall. As a whole, the purpose of the device is to allow the spectator to evolve in the spaces delimited on the ground, to cross the borders and to get closer to the wall drawing. The latter presents the topology of the land. It will not be faithful to the markings on the ground.

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13/13 Contemporary Art Resort - Collective exhibition from June 13 to September 13 in Allevard (38) 20 artists opening on June 13 - 6:30 p.m.