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Résidence / exhibition Doucement Doucement with grŒp collective and the Archives Bordeaux Métropole

exhibitions 2018

Restricting a palette to nature in an attempt to contain it. Blue, brown, yellow, white, dark green. Trees linking earth and sky. This spring, a great work, a hymn to nature, mixed brushstrokes, coarse but clear in thickness, a peat sky like an inversion: larger brushstrokes, subtle grays that reinforce the colors of the foreground. A certain fulgurance in the execution but which does not find forms in adequacy. Curvatures, cast shadows, ill-defined vegetation lacking relief. The curvature of the ground seems to want to reach the horizon causing an imbalance, like a last gesture.

40 years spent in front of the easel. Effort does not pay off. My line stagnates as on the first day. Sometimes a drawing appears out of nowhere and stands. I get lost in the large formats and in the small ones my palm slips away under its own support. I can't let my mind go, the line and its imperfections hold me prisoner. Always forget everything.
This fleeting trait, I try to grasp it. I can't do it or very little sometimes. Want to be right. Having good intentions, good will, relentless stubbornness... All this seems to be useless. Waiting for this day of the great exhibition which does not come, living in the suffering of the lack of recognition. I would like to pass out. Let me be forgotten.

Curators: Emmanuel Aragon, artist, Marie-Sylvie Barrère, chief curator in charge of cultural and artistic development at the Bordeaux Métropole Archives in collaboration with Jean-Cyril Lopez, head of the public service of the Bordeaux Métropole Archives.